Assembled JIETAI Dual-head Hotend

Assembled JIETAI Dual-head Hotend

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The Dual-head Hotend extruder combines our newly designed hotend version2.0 couples together and you will have options of the nozzles from o.3mm, 0.35mm,0.4mm and 0.5mm.

Do you feel the printed module with single color too drab? Want to print a module of colors? This Dual-head Hotend Extruder will help you start you colorful 3D Printing.

"What is better, a single head extruder or dual head extruder?" - a question we have been asked on several occassions. The difference is very simple, while a single head extruder only holds one color filament, the other (dual head extrusion) can have two colors of filament. So honestly we think a dual head extruder is a preffered choice if you wish to make multi-colored 3D prints, but as it costs several hundred dollars more it is up you to decide how important multi-colored prints are.

If you are planning to use a 3D printer for art installations or making components then perhaps a single head extruder will work just fine. On the other hand, if you wish to make product prototypes or models with extra detail then multi-colored prints do give many objects, therefore a dual head extruder would be the prefered option. The dual head extruder just gives you that extra possibility of creating prints with more detail than if you were to use a single head extruder, for us that is definitly worth the extra amount.



Wire Strain Relief

Aluminum Block Resistor Hotend

Easily assembled and torn down with no glue or ceramic

Includes machined aluminum and steel parts, and laser cut wooden parts

Includes pre-crimped wiring


Package list:

1 x Assembled Dual-head Hotend (Please note: Choose "Nozzle Size"  and "PTFE size"you want)


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